Animating for over 20 years, as a supervisor and professional animator, Clarence "Boola" Robello has animated on 2D hand drawn Disney and DreamWorks animated films, full CG animated films and television series, and live action blockbuster VFXSfilms and television. He has animated for Walt Disney Feature Animation Burbank and Florida Studios, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Warner Bros. Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Pixel Liberation Front, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Moving Picture Company (MPC), and Encore VFX.

Since the age of ten, Boola dreamed of becoming an animator. At sixteen years old he directed his first animated short and won an Award of Distinction at the 1992 Los Angeles Student Film Festival. At the event's reception he met two of Disney's legendary Nine Old Men, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Their advice to Boola was to attend formal art school and refine his drawing ability to be considered at Disney's.

After studying under life drawing masters Glenn Vilppu and Karl Gnass on summer breaks, and upon receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute, Boola went to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida. He eventually returned home to California to work for DreamWorks Animation SKG. Boola worked directly with animation legends James Baxter, Pres Romanillos, Jakob Jensen and Simon Otto. After his years at DreamWorks, Boola animated and storyboarded with director Lenord Robinson on various animated shorts and television shows. During this time Boola made the transition from hand drawn animation to computer animation.

Boola is one of the senior instructors at the world-renowned online animation school Animation Mentor. He has lectured at Sony Pictures Imageworks, The ACME Animation Program, The Art Institute of California, and The International Academy Of Film And Television. In addition to animating, Boola is also an accomplished martial arts instructor in the full contact style of Kyokushin Karate having earned his black belt at the age of fourteen. He has instructed adults and children. Boola lives with his beautiful wife who is also an artist/illustrator/writer, and their two imaginative and energetic sons in Southern California.